How Much Is A Storage Unit To Rent?

Published on 1/9/2024

How Much Is A Storage Unit To Rent?

Discovering the Perfect Storage Solution for Your Needs

Looking for a storage unit that combines affordability, accessibility, and quality? TGI Fort Morgan stands out as your go-to destination. With an array of storage units tailored to meet diverse needs, our facility ensures that your items are stored with utmost care. But what really catches the eye is our competitive pricing structure, designed to accommodate various budgets.

Our Storage Unit Sizes and Prices

1. The 5 x 10 Unit
Ideal for storing the contents of a mid-sized bedroom (like a queen-sized bed, dresser, TV), a motorcycle, or a dirt bike, this unit is priced at just $45/month. And guess what? The first month is absolutely free!

2. The 10 x 10 Unit
Do you have a family room or two full bedrooms to store? This unit, at $60/month with the first month free, is perfect for several boxes, an ATV, a golf cart, or motorcycles.

3. The 10 x 15 Unit
This option, priced at $70/month (first month free, limited availability), fits three full bedrooms' worth of items, including large furniture and several boxes.

4. The 10 x 20 Unit
Accommodate a multi-bedroom house, including bulky items, for just $80/month. First month? You guessed it – free!

5. The 10 x 25 Unit
Ideal for both business and larger home storage needs, this unit is available at $90/month, equating to a standard one-car garage.

6. The 10 x 30 Unit
Store a fully furnished 3-5 bedroom house, including oversized items and vehicles, for $165/month.

7. The 10 x 35 Unit
Offering ample space and ease of access, this double-door unit is available at $195/month. If you’re wondering how best to use the space, click the following link to learn how to organize a storage unit.

Why Choose TGI Storage Fort Morgan?

Exceptional Customer Service
Our dedication to customer service sets us apart. We are committed to providing value for your money, ensuring a seamless storage experience.

Convenience at Your Fingertips
Our user-friendly website makes renting storage units and paying bills online a breeze. It is available 24/7 for your convenience.


At TGI Fort Morgan, we believe in offering quality storage solutions at prices that make sense. Whether it's for personal or business use, our range of units ensures that you'll find the perfect fit for your storage needs. Visit us today and discover why we're the trusted choice for storage in Fort Morgan!