What Are The Most Popular Self Storage Unit Sizes?

Published on 5/28/2024

What Are The Most Popular Self Storage Unit Sizes?

When it comes to self storage, choosing the right unit size is crucial to ensure that all your belongings fit comfortably and efficiently. Whether you're decluttering your home, moving, or need extra space for your business, understanding the most popular self storage unit sizes can help you make an informed decision. In this blog post, we'll explore the most common self storage unit sizes and what each can typically accommodate.

1. 5x5 Storage Units

Often compared to a small walk-in closet, the 5x5 storage unit is one of the most popular choices for individuals looking to store a few boxes, seasonal items, or small furniture pieces. This size is ideal for storing items like:

  • Small furniture (chairs, end tables)

  • Seasonal decorations

  • Sporting equipment

  • Small boxes and personal items

2. 5x10 Storage Units

A 5x10 unit is comparable to a large walk-in closet or half of a standard bedroom. This size can accommodate the contents of a small studio apartment, making it a great option for those who need to store:

  • A twin or full-size mattress

  • Dressers

  • Small appliances

  • Several boxes of personal items

3. 10x10 Storage Units

The 10x10 storage unit is one of the most versatile and commonly rented sizes, offering 100 square feet of space. It can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, making it perfect for:

  • Furniture sets (sofas, dining tables, beds)

  • Appliances (refrigerator, washer, dryer)

  • Multiple boxes and miscellaneous items

4. 10x15 Storage Units

With 150 square feet of space, the 10x15 storage unit is suitable for storing the contents of a two-bedroom apartment. This size can accommodate:

  • Large furniture pieces (sectional sofas, large beds)

  • Appliances and electronics

  • Boxes and bins

  • Outdoor equipment

5. 10x20 Storage Units

A 10x20 unit is ideal for storing the contents of a small house or a three-bedroom apartment. This size provides ample space for:

  • Multiple bedroom sets

  • Living room furniture

  • Large appliances

  • Several boxes and storage bins

  • Some vehicles or boats

6. 10x30 Storage Units

For those needing to store the contents of a larger home or multiple vehicles, the 10x30 storage unit offers 300 square feet of space. This size can accommodate:

  • Contents of a four-bedroom house

  • Large furniture and appliances

  • Several vehicles or boats

  • Business inventory or equipment

Choosing The Right Storage Unit

When selecting a storage unit size, it's essential to consider your current and future storage needs. Think about the type and amount of items you plan to store, and remember that it's often better to choose a slightly larger unit to ensure everything fits comfortably and to allow for future additions.

Self Storage Options At TGI Fort Morgan

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