What Not to Store In A Storage Unit

Published on 12/10/2023

What Not to Store In A Storage Unit: A Helpful Guide

As a provider of self-storage spaces, we often get asked about what items are suitable for storage in our units. While our storage units are versatile and secure, there are certain things that you should never store. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make informed decisions about what to keep out of your storage unit.

1. Perishable Food Items
Perishable foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat are a strict no-no in storage units. These items can spoil, attracting pests and creating unpleasant odors. Even non-perishables are generally discouraged due to potential pest problems.

2. Hazardous Materials
Any items that are flammable, explosive, or toxic are off-limits. This includes gasoline, paint, chemicals, fireworks, and propane tanks. Storing these items is not just against our policy, it’s a safety hazard.

3. Plants
Live plants need sunlight, water, and air circulation, none of which are available in a storage unit. Moreover, they can attract pests and insects, which can damage other stored items.

4. Sensitive Documents
While storage units are secure, we recommend that sensitive documents like passports, legal papers, and financial records be kept in a more accessible and personally secure location.

5. Electronic Equipment
Extreme temperatures can damage electronics. If your storage unit isn’t climate-controlled, avoid storing TVs, computers, or stereos to prevent damage from heat or cold.

6. Fine Art and Antiques
Fine art, antiques, and heirlooms can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Unless your storage unit is climate-controlled and designed for such items, it’s better to find an alternative.

7. Medications and Medical Supplies
Medications and medical supplies can be affected by varying temperatures. Moreover, in an emergency, you don’t want these items locked away in storage.

8. Wet Items
Storing wet or damp items can lead to mold and mildew. Ensure everything is dry before placing it in storage.

9. Scented or Soiled Items
Items with strong odors or soiled items can attract pests. Ensure all items are clean and odor-free before storing.

10. Cash and Valuables
For security reasons, storing large amounts of cash or high-value jewelry is not advisable. Use a bank safe deposit box for these items.

A Few Final Words
Our storage units offer a great solution for decluttering, moving, or storing seasonal items. However, for the safety and security of your belongings and our facilities, it's important to adhere to these guidelines. If you’re ever unsure about an item, feel free to ask us – we’re here to help!

Remember, choosing the right items to store can make your self-storage experience positive and hassle-free.