What Can Fit In A 10x10 Storage Unit?

Published on 1/6/2024

What Can Fit In A 10x10 Storage Unit? A Guide To Maximizing Your Space


In today's fast-paced world, finding enough space to store belongings can be challenging. Whether you're downsizing, decluttering, or need extra space for your stuff, renting a cheap storage unit can be an excellent solution. But how much is a storage unit to rent? And more importantly, what exactly can you fit in it? In this blog post, we'll explore the potential of a 10x10 storage unit and provide some tips on how to make the most of your rented space.

Understanding the Size of a 10x10 Storage Unit

Before we delve into what can fit into a 10x10 storage unit, let's first understand its size. A 10x10 unit measures ten feet by ten feet in floor space, totaling 100 square feet. The height varies depending on the facility but is typically eight feet. This gives you approximately 800 cubic feet of storage space.

To put this into perspective, imagine half the size of a standard one-car garage or about the size of an average child's bedroom. It's spacious enough to accommodate several pieces of furniture and numerous boxes.

What Can You Fit in a 10x10 Storage Unit?

Now that we have an idea about the size, let's discuss what items you can fit into this type of unit.

1. Furniture: A 10x10 storage unit can comfortably hold one or two large pieces of furniture, such as couches or mattresses, along with several smaller items like chairs, tables, and desks. If you're storing bedroom furniture, it can typically accommodate an entire bedroom set, including a queen-sized bed, dresser, and nightstands.

2. Appliances: If you're remodeling your home or moving to a new place with appliances installed, this sized unit is perfect for storing standard household appliances. This can include a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and even a stove.

3. Boxes and personal items: Along with furniture and appliances, you'll still have room for several medium to large-sized boxes. These can be filled with personal items such as clothes, books, kitchenware, and other household goods.

Maximizing Your 10x10 Storage Unit

While a 10x10 storage unit offers a generous amount of space, it's essential to maximize it to get the best value for your money. Here are some tips:

1. Disassemble furniture: If possible, disassemble large pieces of furniture to save space. This includes taking apart bed frames, removing table legs, and taking off any detachable parts from your furniture.

2. Use vertical space: Remember the height of your unit. Stack boxes and smaller items on top of sturdy furniture or shelving units to utilize vertical space.

3. Organize wisely: Keep items you may need access to near the front of the unit. Also, consider using clear plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes for better visibility of your belongings.

How Much is a Storage Unit to Rent?

Renting a 10x10 storage unit with TGI Fort Morgan costs $60 per month. However, you can get your first month completely free of charge! Our 24 hour storage facility also has various other sizes of units, both bigger and smaller.


A 10x10 storage unit offers an excellent solution for storing a significant number of items whether you're moving house or need extra space. By understanding what can fit into this sized unit and how best to organize it, you can maximize your rented storage space while keeping costs down.