Can You Store Cleaning Supplies in a Storage Unit?

Published on 2/28/2024

Can You Store Cleaning Supplies in a Storage Unit?

As we declutter our homes and offices, one question that often arises is, "Can you store cleaning supplies in a storage unit?" The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. While some cleaning supplies can be safely stored in a storage unit, others may pose potential risks due to their chemical composition. This article will explore the dos and don'ts of storing cleaning supplies in a storage unit.

Understanding the Nature of Cleaning Supplies

Before we delve into whether you can store cleaning supplies in a storage unit, it's important to understand the nature of these products. Cleaning supplies typically contain various chemicals designed to sanitize, disinfect, or clean different surfaces. Some are mild and harmless, while others can be hazardous and potentially dangerous if not handled or stored correctly.

For instance, bleach is a common household cleaner that can cause harm if mishandled. It's an oxidizer that can react with other chemicals or heat sources to produce harmful gases. Similarly, ammonia-based cleaners can cause burns on skin contact and release toxic fumes when mixed with other chemicals.

Storage Unit Rules and Regulations

Most storage facilities have strict rules regarding what items are allowed for storage. These rules are put in place to ensure the safety of all customers and their belongings. Generally speaking, any items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive are prohibited from being stored in these facilities due to the potential risks they pose.

Given the chemical composition of many cleaning supplies, some may fall under these prohibited categories. For example, aerosol cans often contain propellants that are highly flammable; therefore, they're typically not allowed in storage units.

Best Practices for Storing Cleaning Supplies

If you're considering storing your cleaning supplies in a storage unit, here are some best practices to follow:

1. Check with Your Storage Facility: Always check with your storage facility about their specific rules and regulations regarding storing cleaning supplies. They can provide you with a list of prohibited items and offer guidance on safely storing allowed items.

2. Store in Original Containers: Keep all cleaning supplies in their original containers. These containers are designed to safely hold these products and often have important safety information printed on them.

3. Avoid Mixing Products: Never mix different cleaning supplies together. Certain chemicals can react with each other, leading to dangerous situations.

4. Keep Away from Heat Sources: Cleaning supplies should be kept away from heat sources as many chemicals can react negatively to heat, potentially causing fires or explosions.

5. Ensure Proper Ventilation: If possible, choose a storage unit that is well-ventilated. This will help prevent the buildup of harmful fumes from your stored cleaning supplies.

Alternatives to Storing Cleaning Supplies in a Storage Unit

If you find that you cannot store your cleaning supplies in a storage unit due to the facility's rules or the nature of the products, there are alternatives available:

1. Donate Unused Supplies: If you have unopened or gently used cleaning supplies you no longer need, consider donating them to local shelters or organizations that could benefit from them.

2. Use Up Existing Supplies: Instead of buying new cleaning products, aim to use up what you already have before purchasing more.

3. Opt for Natural Cleaners: Consider switching to natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda, which are safe for storage and less harmful to the environment.

In conclusion, while storing some cleaning supplies in a storage unit is possible, it's crucial to understand the potential risks involved and follow best practices for safe storage. Always check with your storage facility for their specific rules, and remember that safety should always be your top priority when storing any items, including cleaning supplies. At TGI Fort Morgan, our 24 hour storage facility has various sizes of units for you to choose from to suit your storage needs.